RAPID Workplace

Your workflow. Your way.

RAPID Workplace encompasses content management and business process automation in a single package to keep all of your business processes running smoothly. Each step in a process, along with all associated content, is automatically routed to the next person responsible. Loans, claims, orders, purchases, requisitions and much more are all completed in record time.

RAPID Workplace can be deployed across all functions of your business. It supports process standardization across the enterprise—no more process variations across departments. You can automate your HR, accounts payable, procurement, help desk and other departments with our secure web based solution.

True zero install thin web client.

RAPID Workplace is easy to deploy, and scales from the departmental level to the enterprise level. It uses a true zero install thin client without client side software, Active X controls, or web cookies. Install it on your server and you’re done: just send the users the link and they’re ready to work using the browser and email software they already have. Updates to the process server are real time and live, instantly available to all client workstations.

Flexible and secure web technology.

Although RAPID Workplace is available online through a simple web interface, it is completely secure. It uses LDAP stores such as Microsoft Active Directory to leverage your existing security infrastructure and allow ease of administration. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and XML technology add increased security and flexibility. With its open architecture, RAPID Workplace integrates easily with all of your current software, including legacy databases.

Process automation and tracking made easy.

Graphical drag and drop design tools make it easy to design, model, publish and update your business processes. The incorporated process server automates repetitive tasks such as faxing, printing, data base queries and inserts. Tracking is also automated; see the live, real-time status of any transaction at a glance. RAPID Workplace provides a detailed audit trail on all work related items; you can choose what you want to track, and when you want to receive automatic notifications.

Simple forms design and implementation.

RAPID Workplace has an easy to use XForms designer that allows you to quickly create and associate forms with your business process. Use any existing XForms interface you already have, or quickly turn your existing forms into web interfaces which link to your processes.