Process Director

Process Director

Your Process. Your Way.

Process Director adds powerful process automation capabilities to your existing Business Process Management (BPM) system. It lets you maintain your current BPM software investment while leveraging Intellectus’ cutting edge technology. Process Director also offers a rich feature set that facilitates faster, easier, smarter process and transaction automation.

Use Process Director to automate all kinds of processes, such as purchasing, loan management, employee benefits reconciliation, order processing, and much more. Process Director integrates task routing and tracking into your processes, automatically sending reminders and instructions to each person in the chain. It links mission critical content to action items, and lets you audit the status of any task at any time, even months later. It can integrate process automation into any existing enterprise application and works with any existing content management system.

Integrate the latest technology.

Process Director is a core business process engine that has well published APIs and web services which can be customized for your business processes. An open industry-standard development environment based on Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications is used to implement customizations. LDAP stores such as Microsoft Active Directory allow Process Director to integrate smoothly into your existing security infrastructure. Process Director is also Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) aware, and has Oracle and Microsoft SQL support.

Easy, graphical automation design.

Process Director’s Process Designer allows you to graphically design, model and publish your business processes. It has a unique automatic code generator that reduces deployment time. Drag and drop design functions make it easy to design and update your process automation whenever you need.

Process Director keeps the work flowing.

Process Director’s Process Server keeps business processes smoothly automated even in the face of intensive process demands. Its multi-server architecture distributes the process workload across as many virtual servers as necessary. Load balancing is automatic. New servers can be brought on-line without interrupting system operation whenever the workload outstrips the existing system resources.

The Intellectus answer for new BPM solutions.

Don’t have a BPM solution in place? Look into Intellectus’ RAPID Workplace. Featuring an easy to use web interface, RAPID Workplace bundles the power and flexibility of Process Director with versatile electronic content management.