Content Director

Your Content. Your Way.

Content Director is a flexible, feature rich Electronic Content Management (ECM) solution that allows you to securely store, search for and retrieve all of your business content, using a simple web interface. Content Director is a true thin client: there’s no workstation-based client software to install. Simply send all authorized users the web URL and you’re ready to go.

Your electronic filing cabinet

Unlike other ECM software that only stores document images, Content Director stores all kinds of content in its original electronic format—images, reports, presentations, spreadsheets and more—so you can reuse and revise anything you want, any time. Store any kind of electronic content: .zip, .exe, .avi, .jpg and other file types, as well as .doc, .pdf and other document types. There’s no limit on the file formats that Content Director is able to store, but an administrator may allow or disallow storage of any designated file type.

Flexible upload and search features

Storing your content is easier than ever. Upload content from pretty much any source—fax, email, ftp, or scanner—using a simple web interface. Link associated documents together. Search for documents by limitless user defined attributes. Define and save commonly used searches, and control who has access to your custom searches. Full text search and front-end capture are also available as add-on modules.

You can designate multiple electronic filing cabinets within Content Director. HR can have an electronic content cabinet, and search for content based on employee ID, hire date, salary, or any other user defined search attribute. Accounts Payable can have a separate cabinet and search based on vendor, inventory, date, etc. Users can be given access to one cabinet but not another, as their needs require.

Secure and safe, yet available anywhere.

Content Director uses XML, SSL and PKI technology to keep all of your stored content secure. Only authorized users may have access to designated cabinets within your content repository. Yet those who have access may retrieve content from any authorized, Internet connected workstation in any location.

Use Content Director with your existing document library.

Already have documents stored electronically? Designed with an open architecture, Content Director can link to your existing document repository. You can harness Content Director’s powerful organization and search features while maintaining your investment in the electronic document repository you already have.